ICTP and Proctor Training Dates

Proctor Certification Training Program.

Virtual Proctor Certification on Thursday August 5th at 9 AM Eastern Time.  

Registrations are now open for the Proctor Certification. Use https://masonryeducation.org/ictp/  to sign up for this class.

Instructors Certification Training Program (ICTP):

We are planning on holding in-person classes for the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP).  The classes will be held at the Florida Concrete & Products Association Offices located at 6353 Lee Vista Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822.

Next two classes will be held:
– Wednesday August 25th thru Friday the 27th
– Wednesday September 29th thru Friday October 1st.

Registrations are now open for both ICTPs. Use https://masonryeducation.org/ictp/  to sign up for either class.

Classes for Virtual Curriculum Proctor Certification will be held in the future as needed.

If you have any questions related to either certification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Dennis or Sandy below.

Dennis Neal
NCCER Program Specialist
(941) 809-6677 

Sandy Cinque 
NCCER Program Administrator
(561) 305-0892 

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