NCCER Online Testing for Instructors


NCCER Registry and Testing System Login

Log into NCCER Registry From the registry page you must click on the green Testing System box.

Update Registry Profile

Instructors Conducting Testing Online in the NCCER Testing System

Objectives and Performance Profiles for Core 6th Edition

ISBN and Module details for Core 6th Edition

Training Webinars

Registration and Release Form

NCCER Testing System Training Video Series

How to Resume a Module Test

How to Log Into the NCCER Testing System

Create an Account for new students

Create a Student Class Template

View or Print Score Reports and Training Prescriptions

Submit Performance Profiles

How to Perform a Quick Check in the Registry

Create a New Group and Add Test Takers

Remove a Test Taker from a Group 

Rename a Group

Delete a Group

Check Test Eligibility Dates – Note – the 2 day retest wait period is ONLY for facilities that are NOT under FLDOE guidelines.  FLDOE requires a 20 day retest wait period for Florida high school students.

To Locate Additional “How-to” Documents for the Testing System

Instructor Resource Center (IRC)

When Do My NCCER Textbooks Expire?

Purchasing NCCER Text Books and Tests

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