When Do My NCCER Textbooks Expire?


NCCER Textbooks expire on December 31stof the year that is five years after a new edition is published.  Here is an illustration.

Core Curriculum textbooks were published in 2009 and 2015 which means that the 2009 4th Edition textbooks will no longer be utilized after December 31, 2020 which is five years after the 2015 5th Edition was published. 

We suggested that the last school year the 2009 Core textbook should be utilized was the 2018-19 school year for new students.  NCCER does not allow the testing to be submitted using multiple editions of a curriculum.  This means that you do not want to begin the school year with the 4th edition and then switch partway through the school year to the 5th edition.  With the recent change at the latest you want to begin the 2020-21 school year with the 2015 5th Edition of Core for your students.

For those students currently using the 2009 4th edition of Core they have limited time to complete the Core Curriculum before it expires at the end of December 2020. 

You need to be aware of the latest edition in other NCCER textbooks you are using in your classroom.  Many of them are updated every 3 to 5 years.  Check the online catalog to see the current edition of your textbook and if it has been updated.   If there is a new edition this could mean that the textbook, you are using will be expiring in the next couple of years. For instance, with the publication of the 2017 Electrical Textbooks any 2014 Electrical textbooks will expire on December 31, 2022.

Just like Core you need to update your trade textbooks to be sure that you do not run out of valid dates for submission of Registration of Training Modules or online testing using the NCCER Testing System before the prior edition expires.  

You can find a list of the expiration dates for each of the NCCER textbooks at:

Download Chart for When Textbooks Expire

Last Updated: 8-27-2020

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